Restoring Mental Health in Veterans with PTSD


Neu­ro­feed­back is an effec­tive treat­ment for PTSD and anx­i­ety. Please see this story reported by Carol Kel­son, MFT about a small group of vet­er­ans who vol­un­teered to be part of a neu­ro­feed­back pilot study.

Picture of Sara L . Henry, MA, LMFT

Sara L . Henry, MALMFT

Vet­er­ans were ran­domly selected to be either part of the neu­ro­feed­back treat­ment group or the non-treatment, wait-list group.

The vet­er­ans in the treat­ment group were given five 30-minute neu­ro­feed­back ses­sions. At the end of 20 ses­sions, five vet­er­ans in the treat­ment group were com­pared to five vet­er­ans in the non-treatment group. The results were astounding.

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