A Mom’s Journey Through ADHD


Please read this let­ter from Lor­rie Fisher, a mother whose son lived in his head, who would be star­tled when called back to earth in the mid­dle of a con­ver­sa­tion, who had fre­quent bouts of low-grade asthma, diges­tive reflux, and a spe­cific read­ing dis­or­der called Irlen Syndrome.

Picture of Sara L . Henry, MA, LMFT

Sara L . Henry, MALMFT

Lor­rie acted as a sur­ro­gate reader for her son, who suf­fered nightly crises over home­work. He stretched 45 minute assign­ments into hours. Incen­tives didn’t work. She reg­u­larly burned the mid­night oil fin­ish­ing work for him because his sta­mina had drained out long before he could pro­duce all the work due the next morning.

It is an insight­ful must read read for every par­ent who sus­pects that ADHD might be a myth, or worse – just another weak excuse for poor teach­ing and lack of parental discipline.

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