D.I.R.® Model and Floortime™ Play Intervention


The Devel­op­men­tal, Indi­vid­ual Dif­fer­ence, Relationship-based DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion is a frame­work that helps clin­i­cians, par­ents and edu­ca­tors con­duct a com­pre­hen­sive assess­ment and develop an inter­ven­tion pro­gram tai­lored to the unique chal­lenges and strengths of chil­dren with Autism Spec­trum Dis­or­ders (ASD) and other devel­op­men­tal chal­lenges. The objec­tives of the DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion are to build healthy foun­da­tions for social, emo­tional, and intel­lec­tual capac­i­ties rather than focus­ing on skills and iso­lated behaviors.

Inter­dis­ci­pli­nary Coun­cil on Devel­op­men­tal and Learn­ing Dis­or­ders (ICDL)

For a detailed overview, please see my Blog Post “What is DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion?” and fol­low the link to Client Info → Resources to read DIR / Floor­time Model and Floor­time Explained.

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