Parent Training Strength of Floortime™ Play Intervention


Results of a pilot ran­dom­ized con­trolled trial of DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion par­ent train­ing inter­ven­tion for pre-school chil­dren with Autis­tim Spec­trum Dis­or­ders (ASD) indi­cates sig­nif­i­cantly greater gains for chil­dren receiv­ing home-based DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Intervention.

Picture of Sara L . Henry, MA, LMFT

Sara L . Henry, MALMFT

A new study con­ducted by the Fac­ulty of Med­i­cine, Siri­raj Hos­pi­tal and the National Insti­tute for Child and Fam­ily Devel­op­ment, Mahi­dol Uni­ver­sity, Bangkok, Thai­land eval­u­ates the effi­cacy of adding home-based Devel­op­men­tal, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion to the rou­tine care of preschool chil­dren with Autis­tic Spec­trum Dis­or­der (ASD).

The researchers deter­mined that after the par­ents added home-based DIR® Model and Floor­time™ Play Inter­ven­tion at an aver­age of 15.2 hours/week for three months, the inter­ven­tion group made sig­nif­i­cantly greater gains in all three mea­sures employed in the study.

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