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Divorce Education

Putting Children First divorce education support group for divorcing parents. The program recognizes that loving, caring parents may lose sight of how deeply their children may be affected by their decision to obtain a divorce.

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Social Skills Group Goals

Social Skills Group is based on interdisciplinary collaboration with Barb Lindner, MEd, OT/L. The group is designed to help your child thrive in social situations within which he or she currently struggles.

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Skills at the Heart of Relationship

Summary in Nat­ural Awak­en­ings for Southwest Florida, Feb­ru­ary 2009 edition of relationship-based and play-based psychotherapy (part of the Neurorelational Framework, the Parenting Process and DIR / Floortime therapy).

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What is Neurofeedback?

Answers for several FAQ questions about Neurofeedback: What can Neurofeedback help? Does Neurofeedback cure symptoms or conditions? Who can benefit from Neurofeedback? How is Neurofeedback done? What happens if Neurofeedback clients are taking medications?

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Early Childhood Conference

Information for Parents, Clinicians and Educators regarding the Neurorelational Framework, integrating theories about brain function vital to understanding development, behavior, assessment and intervention for everyone involved with special needs children, mental health issues or trauma-based symptoms.

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