Children are Miracles: A Letter to Parents


Chil­dren are mir­a­cles.

Picture of Sara L . Henry, MA, LMFT

Sara L . Henry, MALMFT

We want them to real­ize their spe­cial poten­tial. We want them to expe­ri­ence rich and mean­ing­ful lives—to con­nect with the best in them­selves and the world. We want them to do well, to give their gifts, to grow into adults who can take care of them­selves, oth­ers and the world. We want to con­nect with them, to laugh with them. We want them to know how deeply they are loved.

We want every­thing for our children.

When our chil­dren suf­fer pro­foundly, our hearts break … over and over. And our minds race: why, how, what?

Through cir­cum­stances we usu­ally can’t con­trol, our chil­dren can get seri­ously hurt. They can expe­ri­ence hin­drances to their devel­op­ment before birth and after.

We see, even more pro­foundly then, the incred­i­ble mir­a­cle of children’s courage, their inno­cence and resourcefulness.

We want every­thing for our chil­dren, and as it hap­pens, we are every­thing to them in the begin­ning. Our being every­thing to them is absolutely vital to their devel­op­ment. We are the world to them at first. Or are we?

When a child is strug­gling with devel­op­men­tal issues, men­tal ill­ness or effects of trauma, it can seem like we are far out­side of their world. Some­times it can feel as if we are unwanted or like noth­ing we do helps enough or helps at all.

When a child is injured, he or she often draws in. Some­times they draw in so deeply, as can occur with Autism, it’s as if they feel no con­nec­tion to us. Even though it looks dif­fer­ent in other dis­or­ders, alien­ation or becom­ing a “closed sys­tem” is always the cen­tral issue of mental/nervous system/emotional disorders.

Being in rela­tion­ship heals us. Human beings are uniquely reliant upon their rela­tion­ships for learn­ing, for under­stand­ing and for cop­ing. Being capa­ble of rela­tion­ship sig­nals health and growth.

As par­ents and care­givers, we give the world to our chil­dren by being their first world, their pri­mary world. If they are hav­ing dif­fi­culty iden­ti­fy­ing us as their pri­mary world, as the foun­da­tion for dis­cov­er­ing, under­stand­ing and relat­ing to the greater world around them, then we need to do some­thing extra to invite them to us.

My work is to col­lab­o­rate with you in draw­ing your child into joy­ous, con­nected par­tic­i­pa­tion in the world … through rela­tion­ship with you … and then beyond. I want the world to know the mir­a­cle of your child and for your child to know the mir­a­cle of liv­ing in the world with a whole sense of self.

I also want you as a par­ent or care­giver to have peace in your heart … peace that comes from deeply expe­ri­enc­ing how the unique rela­tion­ship between you and your child can cre­ate health, growth and joy for you both. I aim to facil­i­tate this for you. Par­ents are mir­a­cles too.

With your com­mit­ment and open­ness to the process, heal­ing will hap­pen and we’ll get to wit­ness its beau­ti­ful and unique expression.

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